February 7, 2010

So much for veering away from baking. Last week I had one of those old pangs of baking desire around 1 in the morning. Not one to deny old impulses, and having just purchased some cocoa powder, I answered the call. I've been wanting to make a batch of Baked brownies for a few weeks now but have had neither the eggs nor the chocolate nor the wherewithal to plan ahead to do so. Enter this recipe, which calls for only two of the first and none of the rest, and results in a brownie delicious enough to please everyone and resemblant enough of a boxed-mix brownie to especially please those beset by nostalgia for such things. It comes together quickly (I was in bed by 2) and next time I'm throwing in some chocolate chips at the end.

Thanks to Smitten Kitchen (heed her suggestion to put them in the fridge prior to cutting).

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