January 15, 2008

I don't presume to suggest I have enough of a readership at the moment to render an unannounced absence of such length "inexcusable" exactly, but it is certainly not good in terms of its reflection on my professions of dedication to homaging. I'm not trying to make excuses but the past two months have been rather tumultuous. One day after the last post our little Tory started a new job, a development which had several effects. One was to cut the fromaging down to one day a week (the busiest day no less), thereby making extensive research and lingering behind the cheese counter near impossible and putting the "cheese of the week" feature in jeopardy. I know that is a flimsy excuse at best, but I hope to apply myself with gusto to making up for the dearth of dairy on this site. Another effect of newfound employment was a schedule that hardly allows for eating, let alone chefery or invetigating. While the wilds of Astoria undoubtedly hold a few gems, I haven't been able to convince any of my coworkers to try out Sarajevo Fast Food and the bodegas enticing me with hastily scrawled signage advertising tortas do not deliver. Such are my paltry excuses, which add up to "whine whine whine I'm tired whine whine."

This isn't to say I've been entirely inactive. I did make a thoroughly aesthetically disastrous batch of spice cookies, an even tastier cakier version of my peanut butter cookies (more syrup, less sugar), tried some stellar Brooklyn locations (top runners Lucali and the Soul Spot), uncovered some chickens named Patrick in Chinatown, pigged out on Taster Matt's irrefutable masterpiece sinker: farfalle ala canned salmon as well as an inspired mushroom bread pudding, found what I'm going to deem the best place to get tasty cheap fake meats, and whipped up many a masterful batch of cheese grits. All of this plus San Francisco adventures when we return...after I get some more sleep.

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Elin said...

No worries, we're all just happy you're back. The photo of the bagel with salmon was just about enough to tide me over for the past two months. I'm personally keen to hear about lunches in Astoria...