End of Summer Denial

September 19, 2007

A quick entry because summer is fading and I, contrary to all expectations, am actually feeling pangs of regret. Though perhaps those pangs are less regret at the loss of summer and more impending terror at the imminent cold with which this Californian had a tormented relationship last winter. There was lots of cursing and nary a hole-less pair of shoes, lets just leave it there.

Never having spent a summer in New York, I entered August somewhat unfamiliar with the sensation of unrelievable weather-prompted discomfort. Air-conditioning was no substitute for an ocean breeze and generally resulted in the infuriating condition of being constantly on the verge of illness despite a mean outdoor temperature that should have left any parasite ready throw in the towel. Having neither lake, pool, nor sprinkler to throw myself into, I found myself searching for other extreme methods of warding off brain fever.

One particularly painful afternoon while trudging up my block after a fruitful but incredibly ill-advised solo trek to Red Hook, I was consumed by a desire for, of all things, an apple. But not just any apple, I wanted the COLDEST APPLE IN THE WORLD. Without any companions handy to make helpful suggestions like “why don’t you take a nice cold shower” or “let’s go stand in the freezer section of the co-op for a few minutes,” I instead stood with sweat-matted hair and sunblock-clogged pores losing my last unfried brain cells to imaginings of apples trucked in from the Siberian tundra. I briefly considered a smoothie but quickly realized that I didn’t want any sickly warm banana or even frozen yogurt to contaminate the purity of my arctic apple. Thus was born what became my go-to snack of the summer: the apple icee.

Apple Icee
2 red apples, cubed. I prefer something with a bite, Empires work well.
1/2 cup soy milk
~ 14 ice cubes, preferably smashed up a bit
dash cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract (note: I was convinced that this was a good idea and persisted in adding it to my icees. Upon reflection I realized that vanilla extract added to liquid does not result in a vanilla-flavored beverage, but still had a hard time giving up adding just a bit to the blender)
2 spoonfuls blackberry-merlot sorbet
optional: dollop honey, sugar, maple syrup
Mix ingredients in blender and pulse until well-blended. The apple icee retains its deliciousness regardless of how emphatically one punches the buttons on the blender. I prefer leaving a few apple and ice chunks but a nice frappe tastes great too.

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el super said...

that is so funny that you are craving apples because apples are teh only thing we have for liek 8 months (when everythign else is dead) and i dont want an apple! sometimes i want a mango that does not cost 3 dollars! sometimes i want an orange damnit!